Get up to $5,000 for Repairs!

Make updates for a higher price and sell faster.

Kitchen Example Pictured

This looks like a remodeled kitchen right?  Take a closer look.  It's just Cabinet Paint, New Range Hood, Back Splash, New SInk, Minor Electrical & Drywall Repair.

Time to Complete?

About 3 days.

Approximate Cost? 


Value Added?

About $6,000-$12,000.

(for a $180K-$250K home)

  • Simple updates can add significant value.

  • We show you which repairs to do.

  • We help you get repairs done fast.

  • Discount Pricing from our service providers.

  • We will sell your house for maximum value.

  • You keep the profit!

Success Story

An elderly couple's home didn't sell after 6 months on the market (with a different team).  They were about to sell to OfferPad for $207K.  Luckily an employee from their credit union told them to call us.  They couldn't afford repairs and were in the midst of challenging health issues.  We helped them get everything fixed up & sparkling clean.  Their home sold in just 3 days on the market for $240,000.  $33K More!

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